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Free Seminar Series

Do you have health questions that need answers?
Are you targeting causes or treating symptoms?
Is your medication solving the problem or managing it?


A Holistic Seminar Series coming Saturday March 24, 2018 to Newark, DE. This one-time event is very detailed in scope, yet suitable for the public + health care professionals alike. All are welcome to attend these live events. We are currently seeking volunteers.

Discover why it is so crucial to understand the secret language your body uses to communicate.

Session 1: Nutrition – Learn to trouble-shoot health issues and fix them like a pro by knowing what happens to food after it's eaten. This is critical info for anyone with health issues. Your diet may be perfect, yet your body may not absorb the nutrients you give it. How would you know?

Session 2: The role of Minerals & Enzymes and how they can assist in correcting deficiencies and help you better absorb those precious nutrients from the food you eat. Learn about an inexpensive test that details your bodies mineral balance. Date TBA.

Session 3: The Science behind Energy Medicine. What is it? How and why it works. Learn to use kinesiology and other techniques. Date To Be Announced.

  • Discover the 6 Major Causes of Chronic Illness +
  • How To Use Your Own Knowledge to Reverse it
  • Encounter a Simple Test That Finds Hidden Mineral Deficiencies +
  • Determine the Best Way to Correct Them
  • Explore the Many Ways to Tap the Power of Nature
  • Learn How To Give Your Body the Tools it Needs to Heal Itself


  • Marie McCaffrey photo After 20 years of struggling to find a cure for a life-changing condition that doctors couldn't even diagnose, Marie McCaffrey was inspired to create a cutting-edge research site, altmedangel.com, to help others searching for natural cures. While in the midst of her research, another challenge surfaced. Marie tested positive for Cancer...

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    Using the techniques she discovered while researching, she cured herself completely and naturally. Through her miraculous journey, she discovered many other health secrets with the potential to forever change lives.

    Marie is the founder and CEO of HealthSecretsSummit.com, a revolutionary academy designed to reveal hidden, unconventional wellness secrets that ordinary people and health professionals alike can use. Marie has a BS in education; is a Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP) and Digestive Health Specialist (DHS); as well as an Advanced Pranic Healer with training in Quantum Touch and Matrix Energetics.

    Marie has organized live educational conferences and facilitated the innovative work of several holistic professionals. Her cutting-edge workshops have enriched the lives of many.

    The Big Picture

    Many desire a natural approach to healing that targets causes rather than symptoms but they don’t know where to turn. Even if they find a holistic practitioner, quite often they don’t speak the language. There’s an information gap that impairs progress because the patient does not understand the rationale behind the protocol and the practitioner does not have time to educate.

    To make matters worse, opposite opinions abound on the internet, sometimes disguised as facts, and you need to know how to decipher the truth. My goal is to fill the education gap, so you can: 1) know your options; 2) make informed decisions; and 3) understand the logic behind natural protocols.   Remember:

    Every Disease is Reversible!

3-Part Series
$450 Value - FREE

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